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Welcome to Newgiftz online cell phone stand store

Welcome to our store. We offer outstanding value and exceptional customer service.

Looking for a unique gift idea?  Having a hard time finding a one of a kind novelty gift for a one of a kind person?
Then look no further!
The Bed Buddy "Wedge" is a cell phone stand which makes the perfect gift for the cell phone,smartphone and ipod user in your life.  Every cell phone user, smartphone or ipod user will find the "Wedge" a unique and useful cell phone accessory addition to better utilizing and functioning in our electronically driven world. 

The "Wedge" is constructed of ultra-soft fleece and foam, creating a cell phone holder and smartphone lounge to easily monitor and store your electronic media devices while in use or stashed until its next use. 

With the "Wedge" as your smartphone and ipod lounge you enjoy the benefits of:
  • Port-ability
  • Customize-ability
  • Wash-ability
  • Function-ability
  • Dur-ability

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